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  •   A Bird’s–Eye View | RED  
    Digital Deli Red Logo

    It is said 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention'. Digital Deli RED is the result of years of experience in enterprise class applications development and operations & support. The founders of the Digital Deli have harnessed technology, media and communications for three decades to level playing fields, take control of rapidly expanding processes, provide competitive market advantage, predictive analysis and map complex cause and effect relationships.

    We are Digital Creatives, Systematic Thinkers and Technologists who Design, Develop and Deploy 21st century solutions to advance our world. Around 2009 we began designing a vector based model for web rendering. The special interest site became popular as it scaled automatically from mobile to 2K for media and content.

    By 2011 the site attracted the good with the bad. Logs revealed a wealth of information. The trick was making sense of server logs that seemed to stretch for countless miles. We had purposely built in higher security to certain content. Curiosity caused us to investigate: who wanted the content and for what purpose would it be used.

    In 2011 stealing data to influence behavior seemed like fiction. By 2013 the critical infrastructure forming the Internet cracked. Having examined Stuxnet and facing down previously undetected nation state level malware made it clear - cyber defenders were outgunned and outmaneuvered.

    A conversation about the complicated mission of NORAD [watch skies, detect threats, react] was modeled at Digital Deli Think Tank. Advanced predictive algorithms developed to detect anomalies on the electric grid and statewide healthcare facility patient flow characteristics were factored into a trusted computing environment. It was critical to design a new type of digital ecosystem.

    This required a complete build-up. It would have been hugely out of budget, but fortunately we were able to obtain powerful leads to: the network, memory, cpu's and storage. It was like black starting the electric grid (but more exciting) - nothing was there except the leads. What emerged was carefully inserted into the Digital Deli Pipeline™.

    We knew the best IT teams, fully staffed 24/7, struggled to maintain a reasonably good security posture. Security concerns and related costs threaten brands, intellectual property and privacy. The time and effort to keep legacy servers secure was extraordinary and highly inefficient. In 2014 we retired all legacy Internet facing servers and moved them into the Gen-3 Cloud™.

    Data breach incidents are widely cited as being the greatest threat to national security and economic prosperity. Critical infrastructure has been compromised, supply chains disrupted, intellectual property and personal information continues to be stolen. Millions of systems need to be updated or completely refurbished.

    In 2015 Digital Deli Cyber Intelligence operations were integrated with: Gen-3 Cloud™, network operations control, server operations, cryptographic key management, trusted web development, secure email and database services. The Logic: IoT, M2M, Industry 4.0, smart city will need advanced digital ecosystems in a high security framework to provide long term benefit.

    We have found it best to not pick a fight with the Internet at large. Hackers are very smart and persistent. Cyber AI is the place where silent emotionless cyber battles are fought bot vs. bot. Integrated security learns behavior to adaptively make inference on user intentions to avoid surprises. A machine that watches other machines in other words. Having the ability to quickly respond to unknown threats is critical.

    Advances in technology offer next generation entrepreneurs, forward thinking organizations, smart cities and government agencies the opportunity to harness unprecedented economic and social benefit. None of that is possible without secure infrastructure that can be maintained in a reliable and predictable manner.

      Mission: Design, develop and deploy cutting edge cyber intelligence tools, techniques, methods and systems. Provide integrated cyber security as a service. Grow the digital economy by training tomorrow's Cyber A-Teams. Provide our clients and partners the opportunity to harness unprecedented economic and social benefit while protecting intellectual property, brand identity and data privacy.

  •   John R. Grala  
    Photo of John R. Grala

    John R. Grala is a technologist responsible for cutting edge designs used in government, healthcare, nuclear and the electric utility industry for over 30 years.

    Mr. Grala studied media, technology and culture in Japan at the University of Tsukuba, where he was provided unprecedented access to technology giants and cultural artifacts across Japan by his Sensei and lifelong friend, Professor Saisuke Ieno.

    John graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego and has spent most of his career as a technology designer, developer, business process optimization and knowledge transfer expert - while always acting as futurist and solution provider.

    John has designed, developed, deployed and supported hundreds of commercial software, hardware, firmware and database applications throughout his career.

    While John has many "first to do that" to his credit, he is best known for solving complex problems and designing technology solutions glove fit to industrial level business processes to achieve that coveted order of magnitude increase in efficiency.

    Early collaborations include: military over the horizon radar system data storage; nuclear Master Equipment List and Plant Equipment Data Base; FCC northeast geographic radio frequency license propagation data storage and retrieval; statewide healthcare inflow / outflow statistical analysis; nuclear information technology transfer for engineering information, configuration management and records management.

    Commercial System Designs Include

    PRDBMS (Personnel Records Database Management System), EAS (Examination Administration System), S8-HUD (Section 8 HUD Waiting List Eligibility Administration System), CCM / PCM (Client / Personal Contacts Manager), MergeWrite (companion for Wordperfect), ADM (Advanced Data Manager), LTCEC-PFS (Long Term Care Executive Council Patient Flow Statistics), TBRS (Time Base Reference Standard, Utility Broadcast), CRIS (Corporate Radio Inventory System), ELOTS (Electronic Label Order Tracking System), PQ-MITS (Power Quality Momentary Interruption System), PQ-CICM (Power Quality Commercial Industrial Customer Monitoring), RIM (Reactive Internet Multimedia), G3C (Gen-3 Cloud ICTS Infrastructure), Cyber AI (InfoSec), Live Labels M2M (multi-mode communications), iRepX (Information Analytics).

    Packaging the Future

    John is the chief architect of the the Digital Deli Pipeline™ - a highly configurable hub, spoke and rim technology architecture designed to provide seamless digital services vertically integrated for use across a wide range of industries and disciplines including: education • entertainment • health and wellness • energy • smART cities • geofenced sensor networks • location based services (LBS) • digital commerce • new forms of advertising, marketing and promotion.

    That group of systems appeals to John's holistic approach to packaging the global digital economy in a way that enables scalable enterprise class technologies (cloud infrastructure, cyber security, web dev, network operations) to support digital transformation for economic benefit, educational nourishment and community enrichment, for any size organization.

    Quick Facts About John R. Grala

    Mentored in svLSI (now nano-electronics) at 16. Learned to burn solder (make electronics). Introduced to AEGIS super-computing, fiber optic, satellite and radio communications.

    Built his first computer (before PC) and connected to ARPANET.

    Studied radio and TV broadcasting, audio engineering, instructional media development at State University of New York Oswego.

    Audio Engineering Society Student member, FCC 3rd Class Radio license with Endorsement (WRVO). [Bill Shigley, Lou O'Donnel, Tina Pieracinni]

    Assistant Instructor Technology and Media for S. Ieno, University Tsukuba, Japan.

    Studied culture, art, history, technology University Tsukuba, Japan.

    Software architect, designer, developer PC based database applications. [PRDBMS, EAS, ADM, MergeWrite, PCM, BCM...]

    IT Configuration Management nuclear plant build 1st NRC required database for all safety related components. [MEL/PEDB]

    Implemented ultra-precision TBRS (time base reference standard) for C/I customer electric metering.

    Designed, developed, deployed 1st SQL client/server enterprise class advanced statistical performance database to analyze the electric power grid. Called the most advanced system in North America. [PQ-MITS]

    Inducted into the IEEE and Computer Society for groundbreaking work.

    Received a visit from the father of the electric power grid. [Jack Casazza]

    Modified firmware 35 most advanced commercial/industrial meters to provide the deepest view into the electric transmission and distribution grid. Built AMI communications servers used by Energy Measurements and billing.

    John and his partner Barbara created the GT1 (geospatial Team One) Student Explorer Program to teach middle school children about culture, history, geoinformatics, cloud computing, archival grade research and eco-cultural heritage presentation skill development.

    John is the Chief Technology Architect of the Digital Deli.

    Member: IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Communications Society (1996-2018), Technology Alliance of Central New York (TACNY), early adopter TED.

    Founder: QC Communications; Co-founder: Digital Deli, Global Media and Communications™; Co-founder: The Digital Deli Archive™; Digital Deli Cyber Intelligence™; Creator: smART Media Visual Solutions™, Live Labels™; Co-creator: smART Health Media™, smART Media for the Classroom™, Digital Deli TV Regional Content and Edu-tainment Networks ™; Master of Light and Sound at Digital Deli Studios™; Inventor: Digital Deli Business Innovation ∴ Think Tank™; Chief Technologist: Digital Deli, Global Media and Communications.

  •   Barbara J. Ahart  
    Photo of Barbara J. Ahart

    Barbara J. Ahart is an early pioneer in SQL client / server with over two decades experience in software design, development, quality assurance and operations support in an enterprise class environment.

    Reactive Internet Multimedia™ (mobile to 4K) technology is the vector based rendering engine from BITT perfected by Ms. Ahart. The web based systems under her control are some of the most powerful and advanced anywhere.

    Barbara directs cyber security, e-commerce and web development for the Digital Deli Family of domains, properties and brands.

    Ms. Ahart describes her work as "weaving threads from cutting edge open source repositories into beautiful tapestries that connect to the Digital Deli's pure digital pipeline."

    Barbara has extensive knowledge in high level infrastructure operations & support including cloud, servers, network and security configuration.

    Barbara is considered a curator's curator and is co-creator of the extensive SQL multidisciplinary keyword hierarchy associated with the Digital Deli Archive™.

    As smART Media for the Classroom content curator, Barbara provisioned all e-Learning resources for the Geospatial Team One | Educational Nourishment & Knowledge Transfer pilot program.

    Barbara is an expert photographer and explorer. Ms. Ahart is "the golden voice of the Archive" and a Master of Light and Sound at Digital Deli Studios™.

    Ms. Ahart is a writer, producer and director for an edu-tainment multimedia series called The National Treasure Series: Stories Across America, Stories Across Canada, Unique Patterns of Nature and Tales from the Master Storytellers from the Digital Deli Archive™.

    Co-founder: Digital Deli, Global Media and Communications™, Digital Deli Archive™; Digital Deli Cyber Intelligence™; Co-creator: smART Health Media™, smART Media for the Classroom™, Digital Deli TV Regional Content and Edu-tainment Networks™; Inventor: Digital Deli Business Innovation ∴ Think Tank™; Managing Director: Digital Deli Archive™, Digital Deli Global E-Commerce & Web Solutions.

  •   Technology Lineage | How We Got Here  
    Turning Data into Results that Matter

    The founders of the Digital Deli are pioneers of the digital age and are no strangers to big data systems that scale continents. While innovative next generation technologies are the founders hallmarks, ingenuity is their calling card.

    Advanced technology designs for the electric utility industry, healthcare, nuclear energy, state, federal and municipal government, consistently set benchmark standards delivering order of magnitude operational efficiency enhancements. Commercial software designed and developed by QC Communications, dba the Digital Deli often reduced months of analysis to milliseconds.

    QC Communications software and systems revolutionized enterprise class statistical & predictive performance analysis for the electric utility industry. PQ-MITS and PQ-CICM SQL client/server designs have been called the most advanced power quality systems in North America, even prompting a visit from the father of the electric power grid.

    Embedded firmware designs used in advanced meter infrastructure provided granular early warning detection across utility class electric power grid operations using multi-mode (RF microwave, optical, Ethernet, cellular data, PSTN) communications. The designs established a framework for smart grid sensor networks and what we now call M2M (machine to machine) or IoT (Internet of Things).

    At the dawn of the digital imaging age the Digital Deli established a calibrated mixed media laboratory to advance raw image sensor processing. As media became more important in modern society the media lab functioned as a technical reference standard for mastering and rendering all forms of media [image, video, audio] for digital publishing. Today the mixed media lab is a part of Digital Deli Studios™.

    The Digital Deli has used GPS technology for decades. Advanced geospatial data visualization and rendering services are fully integrated into the Digital Deli Pipeline™. The Digital Deli Family™ provides core digital services [strategy, solutions, content, infrastructure, security] using configuration management standards for secure reliable trusted digital ecosystem computing environments.

    Digital Deli core strategies in the rapidly moving global digital information economy are complex composites designed to bring value on many levels. We are inspired1 by: the steady unwavering intellect of Sir Richard Branson; the daring bold futurist Elon Musk; the perseverance and ingenuity of Jack Ma; the wide vision and pinpoint accuracy of John Hendricks.

    The Digital Deli founders always give credit for the gifts of knowledge, insight and clarity provided by: Sir Clive Sinclair, E.F. Codd, Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Grady Booch, Andy S. Grove, founders of Oracle, Google's Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Saisuke Ieno, Paul Dolengewicz, Michael Reichmann, Peter F. Drucker, Jim Collins, Michael Hammer, James Champy, SUNY Oswego, University of Tsukuba, MIT, hundreds of technology teams and visionaries across the globe.

    Today, The Digital Deli Family leverage a diverse collection of intellectual property assets, business processes, digital properties and brands that exploit technology to create new forms of business that harness the digital economy, while enriching our world.

    Technology Milestones

      1st enterprise class SQL client/server database application (US electric utility).

      1st early warning and grid fault mitigation system (US electric utility).

      1st over-the-air firmware reprogramming of remote energy measurement devices.

      1st wave: advanced raw image sensor processing for professional imaging.

      1st wave: mobile to 4K responsive web design & development.

      1st wave: ICTS (Information, Communications, Technology, Security) Trusted Computing Cloud Framework.

      1st wave: TLS+ (Transport Layer Security) Always-On Authenticated Encryption.

      1st wave: Cyber AI InfoSec (watching, responding, learning).

      1st wave: Domain and Email Certification (iAuth+™).

      1st wave: Secure seamless global e-commerce, web and multimedia publishing.

    (1) While the Digital Deli has no financial or other relationship with: Virgin Group Founder, Sir Richard Branson; Business Magnate, Elon Musk; Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma; Discovery and Curiosity Founder, John Hendricks – “their business acumen and philosophy set high water benchmarks we aspire to and keep in focus. Amazing people who regularly reinvent themselves on a global scale and a source of inspiration.”

  •   Digital Deli Family | B–Corp Philosophy  

    The Digital Deli Family of domains, properties and brands were created to usher in advances in technology that support economic growth and social enrichment using the pillars of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) to harness the global digital information economy in a number of highly productive ways.

    Digital Deli Core Code of Conduct

      Customer 1st
      Employee Care 2nd
      Community Enrichment 3rd
      B–Corp Shareholder Return 4th

    We honor our "Contract with the Web"1 every day. We want a better world and a better Internet. Privacy and data security are central to our beliefs and advanced technology. Digital Deli | Cyber Intelligence watches over the entire Family of domains and our customer digital ecosystems.

    As Digital Deli properties and brands move into their own B-Corporations they will have an extra obligation that investors, shareholders and officers must adhere. By distilling the essence of complex technologies, creativity and innovation can be fostered in a manner that produces profit and value on many levels.

    Your purchases will support:
    The National Treasure Series | Edu-tainment Multimedia Documentaries from the Digital Deli Archive; The Digital Deli Learning Center; smART Media for the Classroom; Digital Deli Expeditions - Geospatial Team One; the GT1 Student Explorer Program; The Digital Deli Archive and Digital Deli Properties and Brands consistent with our B-Corp Philosophy of enriching our world and proving it.

    Corporate, Philanthropic, Technology Partner, Government, Non-Profit, Business and Individual Sponsorship is always welcome from those who share our passion for humanity and our vision of crafting a bright future for our world.

    With change as the only constant, we make the end result very simple: if you do business with the Digital Deli or one of our brands – you will be helping your own world and we will prove it.

    (1) Guiding principles of a ContractfortheWeb.org

  •   Name Origin The Digital Deli
    Digital Deli IOT, M2M, AI Logo
    A Funny Thing Happened in Toronto

    A long time ago, before Wordstar astonished and Lotus became king, there was solder burning and ribbon cables attaching to circuit boards inside garages and cellars across the land.

    Modems connected isolated systems and the technological age was beginning to sizzle. Woz, Gates, Allen, Dell were all chirping away on BBS's. IBM's firmware was burning into EEPROMs. Clipper and Blinker created the first magic of on demand analytical processing and decision support, surpassing anything practical with a mainframe. Then SQL Client/Server came of age. The old guys in the glass room were flabbergasted.

    One day, the electronics genius and childhood mentor of co-founder Grala arrived from Connecticut. Off they went across the Lake to Toronto to hunt for circuit boards. Unlike the vast Japanese electronics district of Akihabara, this small shop had a little sign near the back. It said Digital Deli with an arrow pointing to another room.

    The good Doctor D. had already brought the young computer whiz to AT&T's worldwide switching center, cracking the door to future global communications. Tantalizing tidbits on hyper-reactive AEGIS system revealed super-computing challenges.

    On the way back across the great lake (Ontario), the good Doctor D. and his student debated how the next 20 or 30 years would unfold. The little sign made all the sense in the world – it would be a Digital Deli.

    When ARPANET gave way to the Internet the first Digital Deli domain was secured. There was much to do in the technological age and it is possible a piece of invisible silicon bearing the QCC mark touched your world.

    As we stand in the afterglow of the technological age and on the doorstep of the 4th industrial revolution, the Digital Deli presents new digital ecosystems, with potential for the next 20 or 30 years.

    Today, the three legs of the Digital Deli foundation: technology, media and communications contain many spokes interconnected in a modular global ICTS (Information, Communications, Technology and Security) infrastructure designed to harness the digital information economy, while enriching our world.

    --Name Origin | The Digital Deli--